Mechanics/ Marv Dasht (1)

Leaky Radiator?
31st December 2011

Ah yes, our house on wheels. I realise I have not for some time posted any updates on mechanical problems. This is not, I can assure you, due to any lack thereof; more a sense of boredom with reporting on the now-familiar routine of pulling over and carrying out small repairs on the side of the road, often with a crowd of onlookers offering well-meaning (and sometimes genuinely useful) advice.

On this occasion the leak is actually not in the radiator itself but in the valve directing hot water to the heating. There is no spare part to find so we have had it taken out (for less than a tenner, including new antifreeze). The heating in the cab is now running full-time. The radiator thing, and worse, is to come soon.

I shouldn’t be too hard on the poor old camper: it has had some pretty intensive wear and tear. Even Odysseus, I bet, had to mend the odd sail.

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